Marron Emperador

The grains of Marron Emperador capture the beauty of cicada’s wings, the flapping of which produces a calm, harmonious and tranquil sense.


D697785BH [Glossy]
Size : 600×900 mm x 8

D697785LZ [Acid-washed]
Size : 600×900 mm x 8




  • Hardness and wear resistance: high
  • MOHS Hardness: level 4 to 5
  • Water absorption ≤ 0.3%,
  • Density: high, level of stain resistance: high
  • Flexural modulus ≥ 30mpa, not easy to break
  • No chromatic aberration in the same batch thanks to production monitoring
  • Hard, easy to process
  • Stable supply
  • Easy to clean